League Meetings

UpdatedThursday June 6, 2019 byChief Information Officer.

League meetings will be scheduled based on availability of participants taking into account games and other league activities.  The schedule below is the weeks that the meetings are planned for.  League meetings are for the community participation.  Board meetings are used for administering league business and are limited to board members.


Week Of Meeting
6/4/19 Board Meeting
6/12/19 League Meeting
7/8/19 Board Meeting
7/15/19 League Meeting
8/5/19 Board Meeting
8/12/19 League Meeting
9/9/19 Board Meeting
9/16/19 League Meeting
10/7/19 Board Meeting
10/14/19 League Meeting
11/11/19 Board Meeting
11/18/19 League Meeting
12/9/19 Board Meeting
12/16/19 League Meeting