UpdatedMonday January 20, 2020 byChief Information Officer.

Registration is now open for Metuchen Baseball and Softball’s Youth Umpire Cadet Program.  This program is open to all local youth ages 12 and up (minimum April 2008 Birthday). Our program provides local youth the opportunity to umpire Softball and Baseball games in Metuchen.  Youth earn between $20-$60 per game depending on experience and level of game.  Local youth do not need to be enrolled in Spring Baseball or Softball to participate.  Just a desire to Umpire!
The program includes 8 hours of instructor lead classroom and field training.  Classes start Feb 2 and will run every Sunday from 9-10:30am.
Our youth umpires are an integral part of the Metuchen league.  They are in charge of the games and help us to provide an excellent softball and baseball experience to the community.
To register, Please visit our online registration system at  Select the option to volunteer.  The umpiring program will be an option for all youth 12 and up.  For more information please contact
Program Details
  • All Umpires are required to attend 8 hours of umpire training each year.
    • Training consists of 4 hours classroom and 4 hours field instructions.
    • Instructions will be provided in field safety, personal safety, player safety, field positioning, and rules.  
    • Emphasis will be placed on rule interpretation and making the correct call.
    • Umpires will also learn the important topic of conflict resolution.
  • A prospective umpire must be no younger than 12 as of end of April 2020.
    • An umpire does not need to currently play baseball or softball.
  • General guidelines about umpiring.
      • Umpiring is sometimes a first job or a flexible job for many Metuchen youth.
        • We want to help our youth develop leadership skills.
      • The league uses the software Arbiter to manage assignments and confirmations.
        • Umpires must be responsive and responsible for their commitments.
        • Cadets can choose their assignments based on their schedules.
      • First year umpires will only be assigned to work Minor Division baseball and U8 Division Softball games.
      • Second year umpires and later may be assigned to any Division.
    • No Umpire may be assigned to any Division in which he or she would play according to the BRL age chart.