MBS Public Meeting Minutes 1-23-20

UpdatedSaturday January 25, 2020 byChief Information Officer.

MBBSB – January 23, 2020


Attendees: MM, DR, EZ, JC, LL  & 9 public members including MHS Softball Coach Thomas

1.            Registration update 

  1. Email push to all about deadline and rates. Email sent to list of 2019 but not registered for 2020. 
  2. Work on retaining players.
  3. Charter with Cal Ripken complete
  4. Insurance starts Feb 1st
  5. Ordered new banners/ patches for districts 
  6. Update on winter activities 
  7. Clinics underway numbers reviewed
  8. Coach Danik to add more spots to clinic
  9. Umpire registration open- classes start February 2nd 
  10. 17 registered for classes 1st & 2nd years
  11. MHS Varsity Coaches Thomas & Danik to spread need for umpires- President to email her a flyer.
  12. Travel Baseball & Softball by Monday 1/27

2.            League Calendar

  1. Reviewed tentative calendar dates
  2. Review dates for Edgar tryouts - circle back for Juniors
  3. Cadet Umpire Program- Reviewed program. Discussion on duration of classes, can this be shorter to attract more umpires? Board to review with cadet trainer to coordinate and confirm all program details 
  4. Picture Night – Treasurer to choose and call
  5. Determine Dick’s Sporting Goods day
  6. Determine Chipotle, Jersey Mikes and Local restaurant days


3.            Showcase 

  1. Dates reviewed
  2. T-ball Clinic. President to contact Angela & Bruce 
  3. Safety and Coaches clinics advised
  4. New Child Abuse registration online

4.            League Events

  1. Parade
  2. Senior Nights- coordinate Softball night with Coach Thomas
  3. Patriots’ Night- President to contact Patriot Mascot
  4. Elk’s HR Derby- Setting dates to increase participation
  5. Picnic
  6. Fundraising - Letter out to all 
  7. CIO announced Fun Football fundraiser - prize to winner and portion to league $10, open to all-use funds for sheds to make better use of fields & better practices.  Contact Mike Miller

5.            Softball Divisional Realignment Proposal (Board to Vote)

  1. Reviewed with attendees, questions opened and answered
  2. Board voted unanimously YES 
  3. VP of Softball to announce

6.            Open discussion to public

  1. Craig Morano container name to call about transition and switch
  2. VP of Softball volunteered to be single Point of Contact for fields- maintain calendar with Nancy Goldberg *Request from public to have 1 calendar and delete all other docs. 
  3. Fields can be used for multiple ages and for both baseball / softball bring mound - same lay out 
  4. What can we do to retain kids? 
  1. Summer development?
  2. Extend the season to June
  3. Review with other town sports on their calendar – how can we find a way to have kids do both if they choose- play on different days?
  4. Make the summer product better
  5. Have playoffs- similar to Soccer Megatastical morning ?
  6. Make end more fun, leave on high note of group playoffs.
  7. Shirts instead of trophies 


*Next meeting beginning of February for Board.   TBD